Canine Dog Red Cell Nutritional Supplement Vitamins

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Canine Red Cell is a liquid supplement that provides dogs with additional vitamins, minerals, and iron. Canine Red Cell is specially formulated for hunting, field, show and race dogs to ensure that they are in optimal health for the demanding activities in which they participate. It is also perfect for old or incapacitated dogs and puppies that need more nutrients to get along properly. Red Cell can easily be mixed in with your dog's food for daily administration.Canine Red Cell will is beef and liver flavored to ensure your dog will eat it when mixed into food or on its own. A bottle of Canine Red Cell comes with 1 quart of the supplement. Order Canine Red Cell for your dog today and notice the difference it makes in overall health.Key Features: Contains minerals, vitamins, and iron Comes in 1 qt/32 fl oz container Beef & Liver flavored